25 Sandwiches at Lovejoy Bakers!

From a PB & J served on the best bread in town, to the Lovejoy Roast Beef (pictured above), it would take you nearly a month to sample each of our sandwiches.  Speaking of the best bread, when is the last time you had a freshly baked Kaiser Roll?  A taut exterior, soft and chewy interior and all those nutty poppy seeds are the perfect package to hold our house-made roast beef.  We season and slow-cook it ourselves, slice it thin and stack it tall – then add melt-in-your mouth caramelized yellow onions and organic sharp white cheddar. A devilish horseradish aioli adds just the right kick to each bite.  Served hot… and with lots of napkins.

The turkey sandwich – voted by our customers as ‘most popular’ – is a glorious combination of salty + sweet, soft + crunchy, light + rich. House-roasted turkey is generously layered on our rustic country bread with perfectly ripe avocado and smokey planks of bacon. A shmear of slightly sweet mascarpone cheese plus another of house-made cranberry chutney act as the icing on the cake, so to speak. If you haven’t had this re-imagined classic yet, you must…  read what a fellow Portlandian writes about it: click here.

Taking a break from bread?  May we suggest the Lovejoy Salad?  Weighing in at over a pound, this bountiful array of meats, cheeses, brine-y olives and soft boiled eggs is a meal and a half.  Organic baby lettuces are gently tossed in our signature tarragon dressing, then topped with tender white meat turkey, dry-cured salami, kalamatas, and an egg cooked so perfectly, you could cry.  What makes this salad extraordinary is the Italian San Daniele prosciutto (cured for 16 – 18 months) and the Bleu d’Auvergne imported from South central France. Truly a feast.

P.S.  Once you’ve had a Lovejoy lunch, you may not need dinner!

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