Marc’s Bruschetta with Tomato & Basil

Summer is over, but we’re guessing you still have tomatoes ripening on your windowsill.  May we suggest that you make some bruschetta?  Marc, the founder and owner of Lovejoy Bakers, invites us into his home to show us how he makes bruschetta (see video below).  As he prepares the food, Marc tells us, “Think of bruschetta like a salad on toast. You don’t need an exact recipe,  just the best ingredients that you can find.”  It is in this vein Marc shares his techniques for a beautiful, rustic plate.

Use fresh ingredients: Always choose fresh tomatoes over canned, or fresh basil over dried. The difference in taste is immeasurable.

Use good bread:We recommend a ciabatta loaf, and we know a good place that sells it.  Ciabatta bread is best for it’s rustic but porous and chewy interior.

Grill the bread: Although it’s possible to make delicious bruschetta in your own oven, grilling the bread makes a toast that is crisp but still chewy. If grilling conditions aren’t peak (it is September after all), bread can be toasted quickly under the broiler, but take care not to burn.

Rub the toasted bread with garlic: Don’t skip this step! Cut a garlic clove in half then take the cut end and rub it over the toasted bread. The rough edges of the toast will release the garlic’s flavor.

Happy Bruschetta-ing!

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