Guess who’s coming to dinner . . .


Y-O-U!  Join us for our next seasonal dinner on Thursday February 3rd.  There will be an early seating at 5:30, with a second seating at 8:00.  The price is $35 per person.

*Chef Steven is planning an impressive Winter Menu.  Check your calendar and call the Bakery at 503-208-3113 to reserve your place.  Here he is above, plating one of three entrees being offered in our 4-course dinner (Seared Halibut over Sea Clam Chowder).


Pictured here is one of the many appetizers planned.  Prominently on the plate are freshly-picked Viridian Greens tossed in a light Tarragon Yogurt dressing.  This is where the “diet” ends, however.  Pork Belly Croquettes with Panko Dust are undeniably, well, decadent.


Another starter Chef Steven is offering is a soup he aptly-named “Butternut Squash Velvet.”  Without giving away any recipe secrets, there’s no missing the flavor and texture of coconut milk.  It’s a little sweet, a little savory, and very rich.  Glazed pecans and a single slice of perfectly ripe banana serve as garnish.


Crispy Sweet Potato Coins appear with an entree of Slow Braised Beef Cheeks and Pistachio-Onion Confit (still cooking in the oven when we had to wrap up our photo shoot).  To see our full menu for the evening, including desserts, click here.  We’re finalizing our special wine list right now and plan on some old favorites and new surprises.  Until then…

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