Introducing our Ancient Grains Bread Series


You won’t be surprised to discover that much was lost during the industrialization of bread-making, including taste, texture, appearance, and the use of numerous grains. These ancient grains, most of which contain more flavor and nutritional value, are being re-cultivated and becoming available to bakers. As Lovejoy Bakers looks back to the traditions of bread-making for inspiration, we also continue to seek inventive, healthful recipes. It is for this reason we introduce the Ancient Grain Bread Series.

Kamut Baguette and grain

The first of this series is the Kamut & Toasted Corn Flour Baguette featuring kamut, a large, golden-colored, hard durum wheat that is grown in parts of Egypt, Turkey, and Italy. This “wonder” grain is used to make both bread and pastry, and is 20-40% higher in protein than commonly used wheat. (See kamut featured in photo above). A secondary grain used in this recipe, emmer, is still commonly used in Italy to make pasta, and has a delicate gluten but remains high in protein. These grains combine to produce a hearty, flavorful bread. Enjoy dipped in your favorite olive oil, and shared around the dinner table.

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