Meet Makenna Hale

Makenna BW

Meet Makenna Hale, maker and creator of the Hale Bar, a Lovejoy Baker’s vegan-friendly specialty. She also has crafted numerous Lovejoy goodies including the chocolate crinkle cookie, apricot almond bar, salted honey rose pie, chocolate hazelnut pie, and apricot oatmeal muffin. We applaud her tremendous contributions to our pastry case.  Read below about this inventive baker, including her thoughts on bourbon and nutritional yeast.

Q: Best music for baking?
A: Outkast or Mac Dre

Q: If you could bake for anyone, who would it be?
A: Blue Ivy Carter, because I could win her over with some desserts, and then she would have Beyonce and Jay-Z hire me as her personal Pastry chef.

Q: If you were on a deserted island what’s the one ingredient you would bring?
A: Nutritional yeast! Not to be confused with baker’s yeast. Nutritional yeast is delicious, and it’s a complete protein that has a lot of vitamins and minerals, which would be handy for survival.

Q: Favorite random ingredient to add to bread/pastry?
A: Liquor, when in doubt put some bourbon in it.

Q: Favorite thing to spread and/or dip your bread in?
A: Toby’s tofu paté

Q: What has baking taught you about life?
A: Patience

One last detail about this baker: The Hale Bar is inspired by Makenna’s favorite childhood dessert (the oatmeal fudge bar) and the growing demand for heart-healthy vegan foods. This decadent bar has a pressed oatmeal crust that is covered with a house-made almond milk fudge, and topped with an oat & coconut crumble.  Vegan or not, you must try the Hale bar!



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