Meet the Bakers, Week 3

‘Meet the Bakers’ is back and this week we introduce you to bread head, and resident funny guy, David Lee. Born and raised in Portland (it’s true!), David started cooking and baking as a young lad at home with his grandma. He first came to Lovejoy over a year ago through a culinary externship, and has been a behind-the-scenes star ever since.
David focuses exclusively on bread baking and has his hands on virtually every loaf. As you can tell from the photos below, David is known for keeping us laughing and making what we do lots of fun.

Q: Best at home baking tip?
A: Don’t slide things into an oven when the rack is pulled out… they will fall onto the burner and burst into flames.

Q: If you were to get a culinary inspired tattoo what would you get?
A: A cooked chicken fighting a gang of sunnyside up eggs (dressed as cowboys and pirates of course)…

Q: What time do you wake up for work?
A: The crack of dawn (9am) … (Clearly David doesn’t work the early baking shift, which starts at 3am!)

Q: What has baking taught you about life?
A: Life is salty and warm…

When asked what his biggest contribution to Lovejoy Bakers was, David said “JOY.” So there you have it. Happy Thursday and have a joyful day!

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