Now Available: Lovejoy’s Custom Birthday Cakes

We are proud to unveil an exciting new offering at Lovejoy Bakers:  a full line of exquisite Specialty Cakes that you can customize for your special someone on their special day! Choose the cake style, the shape, the size, number of layers, fillings and frostings and our pastry maestro will create the perfect masterpiece.  We also have our own “Favorite Combinations,” one of which is the decadent Triple Layer Chocolate Cake (pictured above) bathed in chocolate buttercream ganache. Layers of…

… moist dark chocolate cake are separated by the light touch of frothy chocolate-raspberry mousse. A velvety chocolate buttercream, whipped to perfection, coats the cake.  And a crowning Chocolate Ganache frosts the exterior. With each bite, you are met with perfection – rich & light chocolaty flavors and textures.  For a full list of ingredients and gallery of Lovejoy Custom Cakes, click here.  *Keep scrolling down for more luscious options!

Mother’s Day?  Anniversary?  Sweet 16?  This beautifully iced bouquet of roses will bring a smile to her face. And when she takes her first bite, her heart may skip a beat. Each flower is swirled butter-cream icing, deftly embellished, and subtly sweet. Beneath the beauty lies three distinct complementary flavors: Tart, silky lemon curd – made from freshly squeezed lemons – and layers of vanilla cake with fresh raspberry purée (to which we add a touch of raspberry liqueur).  A memorable tribute for those you cherish. For a full list of cake options, click here. * For yet another delectable choice, keep scrolling down!

We also offer a variety of melt-in-your-mouth cheesecakes. This Stumptown Mocha Chocolate Cheesecake, made with Stumptown espresso and dark rum, defies adequate explanation.  The elegant consistency is more of a whipped mousse than a dense cake. Each bite is complex with the initial richness of the cream cheese, followed by mellow choco-coffee tones, and lastly the tingle of dark rum and satisfying crunch of a housemade oreo cookie crust. 

For a full list cake options, click here. To order a Lovejoy Custom cake, please call Jessica at (503) 222-7371 or ask to speak with one of our managers at the bakery.

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