Of bread and man (and woman)


If you’ve been reading our website lately, you know we’ve been focusing on the delicious food we prepare at the bakery.  Today we go back to the basics, the art and craft of bread making.  Above, Dan shows his deft technique for braiding Challah.


The finished product is lovely, don’t you think?  At right, Shawn unwraps Baguettes from their Dutch linen proofing cloth and lays them out on the baking deck in precise rows.  We imported Lovejoy’s Bongard Deck Oven from France.  Since 1922 Bongard has been the premier manufacturer of baking ovens in France and around the world.


You have to be in good shape to be a baker!  There are no hydraulics on this baking deck and Shawn uses his body weight to push the 120 lb. loader into the oven.  To achieve the perfect golden brown, Baguettes bake for 20-25 minutes at 470 degrees.  Lucky you, if you can buy one while it’s still warm.


Every day is the same.  Mix, weigh, knead, shape — let rest — and bake.  It’s what inspires us to wake up (very early) in the morning and sleep contentedly at night.  Bread is what we live for and what we love to make for you.  Come watch all the action.  We have a ‘second bake’ in the afternoon and you can see what we do from start to finish in our exposed kitchen.

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