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Lovejoy bakers ciabatta roll bahn mi vietnamese sandwich

Yum.  At Lovejoy Bakers, what lies between two pieces of bread is the confluence of amazing ingredients.  Take our Vietnamese Banh Mi, for example.  Marinated Tri-Tip steak is thinly sliced and mixed with an asian slaw of cabbages, carrots, cilantro and chopped peanuts.  When the flavors have melded, all is neatly tucked into a freshly baked ciabatta roll with a shmear of Jalapeno aioli.

grilled cheese on freshly baked brioche

Then there is our grilled cheese.  Still the same buttery, molten, crispy, goodness you remember as a kid.  But we use organic sharp cheddar and creamy fontina.  Our bread of choice is Brioche, dense and cake-y (but not sweet) which, when toasted, defies explanation.  We recommend pairing with our cream of tomato and red pepper soup.

croissant filled with spinach and feta

Our lead baker Shawn Trujillo came up with this impeccable Spinach and Feta Croissant.  The judicious use of pine nuts and lemon makes this savory wonder do double time as either breakfast or lunch.  Ask to have it warmed in the oven.  (Bet you can’t eat just one.)


We slow roast our own lean beef, and while this may look like an innocent sandwich, a kicky horseradish aioli flavors every bite.  Caramelized onions add a sweet counterpoint to the heat, while organic cheddar adds yet another layer of interest.   Served on a kaiser roll with traditional (no gimmicks here) cole slaw.  Keep reading… don’t stop here.


Not to be outdone is our signature Lovejoy Deluxe Sandwich.  Served all day, these fried egg big boys are a hit among Portland Yelp-ers.  We won’t quote them here, but the terms “best’ and ‘blew my mind’ figure prominently.  Here are the ingredients:  Fried egg, thick bacon, Bleu d’Auvergne cheese, frisee, fresh tarragon, just-baked Ciabatta roll.  Enough said.

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