Our doors are always open

…Well, almost always.  Starting at 6 am and continuing until 8 pm, we will welcome you with open arms, the sweet smell of bread and pastry baking, and the aroma of fresh Stumptown brewing — all while serving you breakfast, lunch and dinner in our convivial Lovejoy style.

One of our most popular sandwiches, the Lovejoy Reuben, is a miracle of melded flavors.  Lean corned beef is the star, but not to be outdone are the German-style sauerkraut, Steve’s special Reuben sauce, and Provolone cheese.  Served on freshly baked rye, we warm the sandwich before serving so the cheese melts and all the ingredients marry.  Mmmm.

When it comes to desserts, we’re in a retro pie mood.  From Banana Cream, to Granny Smith Apple, to the Coconut Cream Pie pictured above, you can enjoy a taste of yesteryear with every bite.  Whole pies are available for purchase too, just ask.

You can’t tell, but this photo was taken moments after these sourdough baguettes emerged hot from the oven.  Ever so gently, they were placed on the cooling rack, where the crust crisps and the soft center achieves the perfect chewy texture.  As close to heaven as a simple loaf of bread can be, that is our mission at Lovejoy Bakers.

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