24 days until opening

2 thoughts on “24 days until opening

  1. Hey there cousin! These cookies look DELICIOUS! Cannot wait to come see your bakery! Everything looks absolutely amazing. Feel free to send some of those cookies up north! I’m sure I’d find someone to take care of those for ya 😉 Very proud of you, wish I could be there for the opening! Love you both! -Stephanie

  2. I am SO EXCITED!! I’ve been walking by the bakery for months and peeking in- can hardly wait to visit and buy. The list of breads and foods all looks scrumptious.

    A few hopes that I have- a savory scone for breakfast please? The feta/sage biscuits and bacon/cheddar biscuits at the Daily Cafe are outstanding. Maybe you can create something too?

    And, hope you don’t do something kitschy on the awnings outside. Be classy!

    Thanks so much for moving into the neighborhood and giving that corner a wonderful reason for us all to visit.

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