She’s the bread boss, meet Christie Bork!

Here’s the latest in our series of  ‘Meet the Bakers’:  Introducing Head Baker, Christie Bork.

Behind every great team lies a great leader. Christie is just that. A calm and confident role model, Christie brings out the best in our bread bakers with her quiet charm and skill. Since coming to Lovejoy over a year ago, she’s introduced many fabulous items into our LJB repertoire. One of the most notable is our Red Bliss Potato Bread, full of roasted garlic and seasoned with fragrant rosemary. She also created our current Bread Of The Month, the Prima Morso. Airy and light, this delightful breakfast ciabatta is full of chocolate chunks, notes of orange and is covered in a generous dusting of crystal sugar. We deem this the “foodies” donut.

Christie’s made her home in the kitchen since she was a small child — happily helping her mom, who let all Christie’s siblings play a role.  Sometimes it was churning homemade butter… rolling goat milk cream and salt back and forth in a mason jar!  On other occasions Christie and the gang would pick blackberries and then watch them magically appear atop fresh crepes. She didn’t know it at the time, but these experiences shaped her baking passion and lifestyle.
Meet Christie!

Q: If you could bring one ingredient to a deserted island, what would you bring?
A: Flour! You can make natural yeast with just flour, water and bacteria from the air. You could get water from a stream and the salt could come from the ocean. Those are the things you need for basic bread. (Bread on an island, yah, we could get down with that, tuna fish sandwich anyone?)…

Q: What has baking taught you about life?
A: Baking has taught me patience. You can’t rush good bread. If you do it fails, so you have to be patient.

Q: What is your favorite thing about the baking lifestyle?
A: My favorite thing is making something in the middle of the night that people are going to be eating the next morning or that next night with dinner. I like making things for people (and we’re soooo happy that you do Christie!)

Q: What is your favorite thing to bake?
A: Bread! Any kind! When I first started baking school I wanted to make cakes and decorate them, which I still like but the fact that bread does not always react the same way when you are making it keeps me interested. So many factors go into making bread and I like trying to figure them out.

Thank you Christie! We are thrilled that you’re the bread boss at Lovejoy Bakers.
Have a great week.

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