Slice of Heaven

Pumpkin Roll

The pastry chefs at Lovejoy Bakers are having a ball this pumpkin season.  In addition to our Frosted Pumpkin Cookies, they have created this moist, Cream Cheese-filled Pumpkin Roll.   They start by preparing a pumpkin sponge spiced with nutmeg and cinnamon.  The fragrant batter is then baked and allowed to cool just slightly — at which point it is rolled around a dowel to set the “roll” shape.  Left to set and cool completely, it is unrolled and filled with a spiced & sweetened cream cheese filling, rolled up again and dusted with powdered sugar.

Light, pumpkin-y and rich at the same time (!), the Lovejoy Pumpkin Roll is absolutely divine.  Available by the slice and full roll.


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