Not Your Mother’s…


Chocolate Cream Pie. Who can resist? From every diner and restaurant across the land, patrons swoon at this rich and comforting pie. In true form, our illustrious pastry chef Jennifer puts her decadent spin on this distinctly American classic; made-from-scratch chocolate pudding with whole milk, fresh whipped crème and chocolate shavings. (In full disclosure, we are not above the amazing banana crème pie– both satisfying and sweet.)


With so many options to choose from on our chalkboard, bread rack and pastry case, it is easy to look past our refrigerated case of bakery favorites. It’s filled with twists on classic desserts like the homemade oreo cookie and cocao dusted brownie, to more exotic items like Savarin, which most people will need a dictionary (or a friendly lovejoy-face) to explain what it is.

Then there is the éclair… Ethereal pastry dough + Housemade custard + Chocolate ganache = One of the best things we have ever tasted.

Lovejoy Baker's Eclair

So, that said. If you’re in the mood for a decadent snack, or want to treat a friend on a spring afternoon, stop into our bakery. We’re open from 6 am to 5 pm.
*Remember: You can always find pleasure in small things, and comfort in good food.