She Said Yes!

Congrats to Grazi and Seth who got engaged on Saturday at the bakery! Seth ordered a cake inscribed “will you marry me” and we displayed it in the pastry case, anxiously awaiting their arrival. When she looked in the case he got down on one knee. It was so incredibly sweet and left our entire staff verklempt. We’re happy to report she said yes! Wishing them both many years of love and happiness. Cheers.

Meet the Bakers, Week 1

All the goodies you’ve grown to know and love don’t just magically make their way to Lovejoy’s shelves. We have an amazing team of dedicated, wonderful bakers that work day and night to bring you the very best breads and pastries. Here’s your chance to learn about our fantastic staff:
First up is Sara Carpenter. She has been with LJB for two years, and her work has been nothing but solid.

Q: What has baking taught you about life?
A: Don’t sweat the small stuff, everything will get done

Q: Favorite thing to bake?
A: Anything involving the creaming method

Q: Favorite restaurant?
A: Lardo – it’s hard to beat their double burger with dirty fries and a micro brew

Q: What products have you come up with?
A: Monkey bread, everything challah roll, and currently working on a chocolate almond croissant

Q: Best song for baking?
A: Under Pressure by Queen

Next Up: We wanted to give a little shout out to Kandice Brending. Kandice has also made wonderful contributions to Lovejoy as well including our Cinnamon Roll (lovingly called Kinnamon Roll by staff). Sadly, this is her last week with Lovejoy before she starts a new adventure.

Q: How did you start baking?
A: Ever since I was little I’ve been baking from scratch. My whole family called me little Betty Crocker growing up so none of them were surprised when I chose baking as a career. Later I became the head cake decorator at a Coldstone creamery and that continued my interest in baking and more specifically specialty cakes.

Q: Best song to bake to?
A: The best song to bake to hands down is Dancing in the Moonlight by King Harvest. I’m always dancing while i bake.

Q: If you were to get a culinary inspired tattoo what would you get?
A: I actually already have culinary inspired tattoos! I call them my finger utensils. I have a chefs knife, a rolling pin, and a spatula on the inside of three of my fingers. My parents weren’t super excited about them but I’m in love.

3 Perfect Ways to Make Mom’s Day

UPDATE: Orders are now closed for Mother’s Day Cakes, HOWEVER you can still stop by Lovejoy to pick up some lovely treats for Mom! Gift cards also make a great gift ♥

Mother’s Day is next Sunday May 12 and if you haven’t made plans yet, we have some great ideas for you. Since Portlanders LOVE their brunch, Lovejoy Bakers will be making some special additions to our menu!

1) Choose from Royal Eggs Benedict with Roasted Asparagus or a creamy Chevre and Spinach Strata crowned with a Sunny-Side Egg.

2)  We’ll also be offering a delicate Mother’s day Mimosa Cake, pictured above, made with pink champagne and filled with mandarin orange cream and frosted with orange buttercream.  You can preorder this cake on line (scroll down for order form) and have it inscribed with Mom’s name or another short message.

3) Pick up some chocolate dipped meringue roses (flavored with orange blossom water, yum!)… they are light as air and a wonderful gift, just because.

And one more thing, you may also order a CHOCOLATE VERSION of the Mimosa Cake filled with mandarin orange cream and frosted with orange butter cream. To order, complete the form below by noon on Thursday. We will have your cake ready to pick up on Sunday. Payment is received at the time pick-up.


Be Still My Heart

Here’s a sophisticated way to show how smitten you are with your love muffin. These two exquisite heart-shaped cakes are as beautiful outside as they are delicious inside.

Above is our Dreamy Decadence Chocolate Cake. It features a kick of chile, which amplifies and richens the chocolate. Filled with indulgent layers of chocolate mousse, creme fraiche and chocolate covered hazelnuts, it’s glazed with iridescent gold dust!

Below is our Luscious Lady Finger & Lemon Cake. Light and sweet lady fingers embrace lush lemon mousse, sweet raspberry coulis, and tart cherry streusel. It’s topped with fresh raspberries and candied lemon.

We also have our beautifully decorated Valentines cookies. All items are available for pre-order by clicking here. You can also place an order at the register at Lovejoy Bakers West, 939 NW 10th Ave.

We also offer custom cakes. To place a custom cake order, please call (503) 222-7371 and ask for Brianna. Spread the Love with Lovejoy Bakers.

News, news, news!

Lovejoy Bakers East is now open! Located a block off SE Division at 2523 SE 9th Avenue, our brand new wholesale facility is now producing Lovejoy signature baked goods for Zupans, Whole Foods and local restaurants. If you’re in the neighborhood, PLEASE STOP BY! We also serve lunch and you can pick up your favorite baguettes, ciabatta or rye fresh from the oven.  Click here for the Lovejoy East menu. And check out the article from our new fans at PDX Eater. Hope to see you soon!

Countdown to next Sunday

Arguably the most important day of the year, Mother’s Day at Lovejoy Bakers is the best way to reward the tireless woman who: 1) went through childbirth to have you, or 2) went through childbirth to have your own children, and/or 3) is the best mother to your dog, cat, bird, horse, etc.  From a royal Egg’s Benedict to individual, heart-shaped chocolate cakes inscribed with “Love You Mom,” we will treat your special lady like the queen mother herself.  Join us, won’t you?

Now Available: Lovejoy’s Custom Birthday Cakes

We are proud to unveil an exciting new offering at Lovejoy Bakers:  a full line of exquisite Specialty Cakes that you can customize for your special someone on their special day! Choose the cake style, the shape, the size, number of layers, fillings and frostings and our pastry maestro will create the perfect masterpiece.  We also have our own “Favorite Combinations,” one of which is the decadent Triple Layer Chocolate Cake (pictured above) bathed in chocolate buttercream ganache. Layers of…

… moist dark chocolate cake are separated by the light touch of frothy chocolate-raspberry mousse. A velvety chocolate buttercream, whipped to perfection, coats the cake.  And a crowning Chocolate Ganache frosts the exterior. With each bite, you are met with perfection – rich & light chocolaty flavors and textures.  For a full list of ingredients and gallery of Lovejoy Custom Cakes, click here.  *Keep scrolling down for more luscious options!

Mother’s Day?  Anniversary?  Sweet 16?  This beautifully iced bouquet of roses will bring a smile to her face. And when she takes her first bite, her heart may skip a beat. Each flower is swirled butter-cream icing, deftly embellished, and subtly sweet. Beneath the beauty lies three distinct complementary flavors: Tart, silky lemon curd – made from freshly squeezed lemons – and layers of vanilla cake with fresh raspberry purée (to which we add a touch of raspberry liqueur).  A memorable tribute for those you cherish. For a full list of cake options, click here. * For yet another delectable choice, keep scrolling down!

We also offer a variety of melt-in-your-mouth cheesecakes. This Stumptown Mocha Chocolate Cheesecake, made with Stumptown espresso and dark rum, defies adequate explanation.  The elegant consistency is more of a whipped mousse than a dense cake. Each bite is complex with the initial richness of the cream cheese, followed by mellow choco-coffee tones, and lastly the tingle of dark rum and satisfying crunch of a housemade oreo cookie crust. 

For a full list cake options, click here. To order a Lovejoy Custom cake, please call Jessica at (503) 222-7371 or ask to speak with one of our managers at the bakery.

Slice of Heaven

Pumpkin Roll

The pastry chefs at Lovejoy Bakers are having a ball this pumpkin season.  In addition to our Frosted Pumpkin Cookies, they have created this moist, Cream Cheese-filled Pumpkin Roll.   They start by preparing a pumpkin sponge spiced with nutmeg and cinnamon.  The fragrant batter is then baked and allowed to cool just slightly — at which point it is rolled around a dowel to set the “roll” shape.  Left to set and cool completely, it is unrolled and filled with a spiced & sweetened cream cheese filling, rolled up again and dusted with powdered sugar.

Light, pumpkin-y and rich at the same time (!), the Lovejoy Pumpkin Roll is absolutely divine.  Available by the slice and full roll.


Lines can be long, but they move fast!


With all of our good weather, the bakery has been b-u-s-y.  We apologize if the lines have been daunting, but we’re working hard to serve you as quickly as possible.  Just remember, we’ll reward your patience with sweet and delicious samples.  Pictured above is something we bet you’ll like:  A fresh Oregon strawberry danish with vanilla pastry cream, powdered sugar and streusel icing.


At lunchtime, our cooks are rocking! The Lovejoy kitchen crew are masters at what they do, and one of their masterpieces is the Pastrami on rye with stone ground mustard and quick pickles. Open wide to 6 oz. of luscious, juicy, perfectly seasoned beef brisket on the best rye bread in Portland.  Mmmm.


On the lighter side of decadence are these “Two Bite” Boston Cream Donuts.  Pop one in your mouth and taste the heavenly deliciousness of a nearly guiltless chocolate treat.  Only $2.00 a piece.


There’s nothing better with a Stumptown latte or cappucino than our Blueberry Coffee Crumb Cake.  Not too sweet, and filled with plump blueberries, this breakfast delicacy starts the day off right.  Okay, it’s fabulous all hours.  Even reheated the next day!