Be Still My Heart

Here’s a sophisticated way to show how smitten you are with your love muffin. These two exquisite heart-shaped cakes are as beautiful outside as they are delicious inside.

Above is our Dreamy Decadence Chocolate Cake. It features a kick of chile, which amplifies and richens the chocolate. Filled with indulgent layers of chocolate mousse, creme fraiche and chocolate covered hazelnuts, it’s glazed with iridescent gold dust!

Below is our Luscious Lady Finger & Lemon Cake. Light and sweet lady fingers embrace lush lemon mousse, sweet raspberry coulis, and tart cherry streusel. It’s topped with fresh raspberries and candied lemon.

We also have our beautifully decorated Valentines cookies. All items are available for pre-order by clicking here. You can also place an order at the register at Lovejoy Bakers West, 939 NW 10th Ave.

We also offer custom cakes. To place a custom cake order, please call (503) 222-7371 and ask for Brianna. Spread the Love with Lovejoy Bakers.