Back to the Basics

2014 has floated in rather quietly, don’t you think? While the rest of country has braced against extreme cold and snow, we have been graced with standard NW fare… Some sprinkles and clouds and the random peeks of sun have filled this new year. It makes us feel grateful that the small things others may take for granted give us such comfort. A sourdough or french baguette, slathered in melting butter… sipping hot coffee and watching the world go by. Join us as we ease into 2014, filled with moments focused on being present and embracing the effortless pleasures of a beautiful life here in Portland. Happy New Year!


News, news, news!

Lovejoy Bakers East is now open! Located a block off SE Division at 2523 SE 9th Avenue, our brand new wholesale facility is now producing Lovejoy signature baked goods for Zupans, Whole Foods and local restaurants. If you’re in the neighborhood, PLEASE STOP BY! We also serve lunch and you can pick up your favorite baguettes, ciabatta or rye fresh from the oven.  Click here for the Lovejoy East menu. And check out the article from our new fans at PDX Eater. Hope to see you soon!

Wake up happy at Lovejoy Bakers

Coffee Stumptown Latte Pearl

For many, the first sip of coffee is a treasured ritual. Some sip this hot drink delicately to not burn their tongues, while others add cream and drink deeply. However it goes, there are few things quite so satisfying. All particulars regarding foam, sugar, caf/decaf/half-caf, cream/no cream, rich/skinny milk, are of utmost importance to us. Because… we get it, we cherish our coffee too. From our creamy lattes to dark Americanos, all made with Stumptown beans, your treasured sip will not be disappointing.

*Also, if you’re in the mood for something new, we now serve Stumptown’s Cold-brewed Coffee Stubbies.*

Peanut Butter and Jelly Scone

For the perfect accompaniment, look amidst the bountiful array of puffy croissants, exquisite danishes and bursting muffins to the quiet scone in our pastry cabinet. Featured here is the peanut butter & jelly scone inspired by the classic sandwich. But (!) this is so much better than the gooey, stick-to-the-roof-of-your-mouth sandwich from your lunch box.  The consistency of the scone — somewhere between cookie and biscuit — is the perfect companion to peanut butter, and neatly holds the berry jam center.

We invite you to make Lovejoy a habit — to start your morning with perfection.  That g-o-o-d feeling will last throughout the day.