You say potato, I say YUM!


We’re rendered a bit speechless. All we can say is this potato bread, made with red bliss potatoes, roasted garlic and seasoned with a heaping portion of rosemary, is hair-raisingly transcendental. The office “taste-testers” have simply gobbled each and every morsel up as quickly as the boules leave the oven. Slather on a little butter and you’ll be oohh and ahhing all the way to the treadmill… but we promise, it’s worth it. Boules are only $5 and available starting TODAY!

Pumpkin this and that at Lovejoy


Throw on a cozy sweater and stroll over to Lovejoy to pamper yourself with some of our favorite fall treats. Feeling decadent? Try a slice of our Salted Caramel-covered Pumpkin Roll. Inside is a fluffy pumpkin sponge cake swirled around a heavenly cream cheese filling. Outside is a dusting of candied pumpkin seeds and pecans, wedged into a generous drizzle of Salted Caramel sauce. If one slice isn’t enough, you can buy the whole roll too!

And if you want to catch some rays before the big bright ball disappears for the winter, sit outside with a cup of our Autumn-spiced Latte. Spiked with notes of cardamom, cinnamon, nutmeg and allspice, we also kick it up with caramel and pumpkin spice syrup. Every sip will wrap you up in the warm fuzzies.

Beginning October 25th our Halloween cookies will be ready to haunt your cookie jar (if they make it that far before you’re “gobblin'” it up: ha, see what we just did there?). Stop by to stock up on the 25th!

We’ll see you soon.