Countdown to next Sunday

Arguably the most important day of the year, Mother’s Day at Lovejoy Bakers is the best way to reward the tireless woman who: 1) went through childbirth to have you, or 2) went through childbirth to have your own children, and/or 3) is the best mother to your dog, cat, bird, horse, etc.  From a royal Egg’s Benedict to individual, heart-shaped chocolate cakes inscribed with “Love You Mom,” we will treat your special lady like the queen mother herself.  Join us, won’t you?

Not your Grandmother’s Fruit Cake

Studded with candied oranges and raisins, Lovejoy’s Holiday “Panettone”  is now available!  Originating in Milan, Panettone is celebrated from Italy to Brazil, New York to Switzerland.  If you haven’t tried Lovejoy’s version, you are in for a glorious treat.  Made  from buttery vanilla dough that literally melts in your mouth, Lovejoy’s delicate Panettone will forever transform your (and Grandma’s) notion of fruit cake.

Panettone Holiday Bread
Wrapped in vintage paper and tied with ribbon, Lovejoy’s Panettone makes a wonderful gift.  You may want to buy one for yourself too.  If you can’t finish the whole thing, Panettone makes a lovely French Toast. Available for online pre-order.