Meet the Bakers, Week 4

This week’s ‘Meet the Bakers’ would like to introduce you Miss Melissa Halbleib. Melissa has been with Lovejoy for a year and a half and is our own breakfast sweet’s queen. She’s introduced new items like the Raspberry Chocolate Croissant, Strawberry Rhubarb Danish, Cherry Almond Danish and Peach Blackberry Danish. Baking at a very young age with her mother and grandmother prompted Melissa to leave her hometown in Montana and relocate to Portland to attend baking school. Lovejoy Bakers was the home of her externship and first professional baking position.
Meet Melissa!

Q: If you could bake for anyone, who would it be?
A: If I could bake for anyone it would have to be my Grandpa Becker. I think he would be very proud of the person I have grown up to be.

Q: If you were a bread, what would you be and why?
A: If I were a bread I would be Monkey Bread cause I’m kinda goofy, super sweet, and have lots of layers.

Q: What is your best at home baking tip?
A: Use room temp butter like the recipes tell you to. I always used to melt mine because that’s what my mom always did, but the majority of the time that’s incorrect. Soft does not mean melted.

Q: If you were to get a culinary inspired tattoo what would you get?
A: I’d probably go with a skull and crossbones style. Skull made of cake with a whisk and spatula crossbones.

Thanks to Melissa for making your mornings a little sweeter!
Have a great week.

Lines can be long, but they move fast!


With all of our good weather, the bakery has been b-u-s-y.  We apologize if the lines have been daunting, but we’re working hard to serve you as quickly as possible.  Just remember, we’ll reward your patience with sweet and delicious samples.  Pictured above is something we bet you’ll like:  A fresh Oregon strawberry danish with vanilla pastry cream, powdered sugar and streusel icing.


At lunchtime, our cooks are rocking! The Lovejoy kitchen crew are masters at what they do, and one of their masterpieces is the Pastrami on rye with stone ground mustard and quick pickles. Open wide to 6 oz. of luscious, juicy, perfectly seasoned beef brisket on the best rye bread in Portland.  Mmmm.


On the lighter side of decadence are these “Two Bite” Boston Cream Donuts.  Pop one in your mouth and taste the heavenly deliciousness of a nearly guiltless chocolate treat.  Only $2.00 a piece.


There’s nothing better with a Stumptown latte or cappucino than our Blueberry Coffee Crumb Cake.  Not too sweet, and filled with plump blueberries, this breakfast delicacy starts the day off right.  Okay, it’s fabulous all hours.  Even reheated the next day!

Food – glorious food!

Our new favorite sandwich:  The B.E.L.T.  Bacon, over-easy Egg, butter Lettuce and ripe Tomato on whole wheat country bread with dijon aioli.  Served all day.

Every evening, Chef Steven surprises us with fabulous dinner specials using best-of-the-season ingredients.  Pictured here is Wild Columbia River Steelhead, served over crispy fingerling potatoes and a sweet corn and serrano chili puree.

This mouthwatering special is a rustic “Porchetta,” marinated, slow-roasted pork belly, stuffed with Italian sausage.  It’s served with a barley and spinach risotto, prepared with local oyster mushrooms and black truffle creme fraiche.

With Oregon berry season in full swing, we proudly offer this flaky, buttery Blueberry Danish.  It’s filled with sweet pastry cream and topped with swirled streusel and a dusting of powdered sugar.  Come early for breakfast, this one sells out quickly!