Waxing poetic on Lovejoy’s Turkey Sandwich

Here’s what a food critic might say:

“The people who make Lovejoy Bakers hum, have hit a high note with their Roast Turkey Sandwich. Paper-thin slices of house-brined bird stack up to a layer of perfectly ripe avocado and a shmear of slightly sweet Mascarpone cheese.  Smoky planks of un-fatty bacon (do they trim these before cooking?) flavor each bite and a lively cranberry chutney covers all, bursting forth with plump berries and citrus zest.  One might forget the bread with so much else going on.  But the humble glory of Lovejoy’s simple Country Bread is a legend in the making.  Crumb, crust and grain… I bought a loaf on my way out, daydreaming of toast for breakfast the next morning.  I give Lovejoy’s Turkey Sandwich an A, withholding the ‘plus’ for a future visit when they prove to me they can create perfection – again.”

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